The primary goal of the Design and Developers Forum is timely dissemination of current information related to communications technologies being developed world-wide. Communications practitioners working in the communications industry, R&D Labs, and academics are invited to participate.  The forum is organized into sessions with slide presentations. Presentations should reflect topics of interest to these practitioners including emerging technologies that will lead to new products and help designers and developers.

Prospective session chairs are requested to submit a proposal for a session at the D&D Forum. Such a proposal should include:

1)      A Descriptive Title for the Session
2)      Abstract for the session
3)      Name of the Session Chair
4)      Brief Biography of the Session Chair
5)      Duration of session (2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours) 

Submission of technical papers related to the presentations is optional and is encouraged. Submitted papers will go through a stringent peer review process, and only accepted papers will be published. It is possible that while a session/presentation is approved for the D&D Forum, a submitted paper related to a presentation at the session may not be accepted for publication based on the outcome of the peer review process. When submitting a proposal for a session, the session chair should indicate whether there is an intention to submit one or more technical papers related to the session.

Session Proposal Submission: 15 March 2009
Notification of Session Approval: 15 April 2009
Technical Paper Submission (Optional and after Session Approval):    15 May 2009
Notification of Technical Paper Approval:1 July 2009
Camera Ready Papers: 14 August 2009
Session Presentations Ready: 31 October 2009

Please submit your session proposal to the co-chairs Dilip Krishnaswamy ( and Jeff Friedhoffer (
before the suggested deadline of 31 March 2009.