Technical Symposia focus on technological trends in recent communication research and development from academia to the industrial laboratories throughout the world. 

AHSN - Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking Symposium
CISS - Communications and Information Security Symposium
CSS - Communications Software and Services Symposium
CQPRM - Communications Quality of Service, Reliability and Performance Modeling Symposium
CTS - Communications Theory Symposium
NGNI - Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium
ONS - Optical Networks and Systems Symposium
SPC - Signal Processing for Communications Symposium
WCS - Wireless Communications Symposium
WNS - Wireless Networking Symposium
SAC - Selected Areas in Communications Symposium
SAC (CRN) - SAC-Cognitive Radio Networks Track
SAC (CN) - SAC-Consumer Networks Track
SAC (DS) - SAC-Data Storage Tack
SAC (ET) - SAC-Emerging Technologies for Access Systems and Networks Track
SAC (SSC) - SAC-Satellite and Space Communications Track

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